Month: July 2017

Disney History for the Month of August

Each month, we look at the days worth celebrating by cracking open the vault and noting what happened in Disney history.

8/1 — Paul Bunyan Released (1958)

I remember watching this classic in school during “Tall Tales” week.

8/2 — DCA Initial Brainstorm (1995)

Disney execs meet to discuss Disneyland Resort’s 2nd gate. What a wild Pandora’s Box that meeting turns out to be…

8/3 — Mickey Mouse Watch Introduced (1933)

Coolest accessory around to be worn by lame Robert Langdon in “The Da Vinci Code”

8/4 — Animal Kingdom Groundbreaking (1995)

LOTS of ground to be broken…

8/5 — Adventures Thru Inner Space Opens in Disneyland (1967)

Another ride I’ll never ride…

8/6 — Vietnam “Yippie” Protest in Disneyland (1970)

Possibly the weirdest day in Disneyland history.

8/7 — Wayne Knight’s Birthday (1955)

Voices in Hercules, Tarzan and Toy Story 2.

8/8 — Bambi has World Premiere in London (1942)

Disney’s 5th animated feature film

8/9 — Haunted Mansion Opens in Disneyland (1969)

Housing 999 happy haunts… but there’s always room for one more.

8/10 — Walt Disney Plans for NY’s World’s Fair (1959)

After reading an article, Disney’s ’60s are going to change drastically.

8/11 — Robin Williams Passes Away (2014)

Tragically, the star of Aladdin and Flubber ends his life.

8/12 — Remake of Pete’s Dragon Released (2016)

So now there are two “Pete’s Dragon”s I haven’t seen…

8/13 — Cat Nap Pluto Released (1948)

And featuring Figaro from Disney’s Pinocchio!

8/14 —  Steve Martin’s Birthday (1945)

The voice of the 50th anniversary and the coolest Main Street Magician there ever was.

8/15 — Make Mine Music Released (1946)

Disney’s 8th animated feature film

8/16 — Fess Parker Born (1924)

The guy played Davy Crockett. You know, “born on a mountaintop in Tennessee…

8/17 — Davy Crockett Born (1786)

And ol’ Fess Parker wouldn’t have anyone to play without this American legend being born!

8/18 — Carnation Plaza in Disneyland Opens (1956)

Now closed, Carnation Plaza spawned the wonderful “Date Nite at Disneyland

8/19 — John Stamos Enters the World (1963)

Owner of the original Disneyland sign as well the heart of every girl I ever dated.

8/20 — Demi Lovato Born (1992)

I’m not supposed to know who this is.

8/21 — Winnie-the-Pooh Doll Is Given to the Actual Christopher Robin (1921)

Spawns endless Character Breakfasts.

8/22 — Skeleton Dance is Released (1929)

Most famous non-Mickey black-and-white cartoon?

8/23 — Vera Miles is Born (1929)

Actress from A Tiger Walks, Follow Me, Boys! and One Little Indian.

8/24 — Premiere of Saludos Amigos (1942)

Disney’s 6th animated feature film

8/25 — Disneyland Hotel Holds Its “Official” Grand Opening (1956)

60 years later, I’ll have a boozy dinner at Steakhouse 55. Surely nothing happens between those dates.

8/26 — Walt Disney enlists in the American Ambulance Corps (1918)

Walt proves to be a badsass; lies about how old he is to enlist.

8/27 —  World Premier of Mary Poppins (1964)

“A man has dreams of walking with giants…” (sob sob sob)

8/28 — Mickey’s Follies Is Released, Along with “Minnie’s Yoo-Hoo” (1929)

“Neither fat nor skinny/She’s the horse’s whinny/She’s my little Minnie Mouse!”

8/29 — Disney Announces an Agreement to Acquire the Muppets (1989)

Spoiler Alert: It goes horribly south.

8/30 — Fred MacMurray is born (1908)

The FIRST Disney Legend. Star of The Shaggy Dog, The Absent-Minded Professor, Follow Me, Boys! and The Happiest Millionaire

8/31 — Walt Shares Ideas about an “Amusement Park” with a Train (1948)

As a Disney Theme Park fan, I feel like this is kind of important…

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