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01 / Who We Are & Top 5 Disney Theme Park Preferences

Meet Emily & Nathan, two bright & funny hosts of your new favorite podcast — the Zip-a-dee-doo Revue. We talk Disney movies, Disney news, Disney songs, Disney fandom, and (our favorite) Disney theme parks — every week for about an hour. Show notes after the jump.

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How do ya do?

Howdy, folks! We are happy to announce our brand new podcast coming shortly! It’s two Disney lovers who love each other, talking about Disney with elements of humor, silliness, deep thinking, puns, and more.

We know, we know — ANOTHER Disney podcast? Well, for fans of our short-lived You Tube series, we hope you like this just as much. And for people who are new to Zip-a-dee-doo Revue, we are so glad you gave us a chance. Subscribe to our mailing list in the sidebar and follow us on Twitter (@zipadeedoorevue) for up-to-the-minute details on our soon-to-be-born podcast.


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